Innovation, safety, care for people's health and environment, reduction of energy consumption underscore the company philosophy.

The technicians, operators and highly qualified specialists are completely available to the brand customers. Our unique design and clean aesthetics have proven an example to which other have followed.
Gelato equipment and whipped cream production machines are constructed with highest quality materials and components.

Authorized institutions and boards in various countries, such as BGN in Germany, ETL and NSF in the USA, etc. have recognized them as conforming to relative standards currently established.

COREMA-TELME means therefore modern and reliable machines, for advanced and professional production of gelato.

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Gel 20

GEL 20 Vertical gelato machine with automatic...


GEL 5, POKER e GEL 10 Gelato/sorbet machines...


GEL 9 Countertop gelato/sorbet machine with...