ISA refrigerated display counters are capable of creating the perfect atmosphere for any locale in which an impeccable yet familiar design is a must. ISA offers special refrigerated display counters that are capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements in terms of space and aesthetics. These units are carefully designed and developed to meet all of the customers’ needs and desires. ISA transmits its passion for design through its attention to detail, offering exquisite contours and exceptional finishing work.

The company’s highly-skilled staff is capable of producing specially designed and technologically-advanced refrigerated display counters that are capable of satisfying any requirements. Although the units are designed with exquisitely refined contours, this does not come at the expense of quality, which is always considered a top priority in the design of these models.

Thanks to its vast assortment of special refrigerated display counters, ISA allows its customers to create unique environments by giving a personal touch to any context. To learn more about all of the available models and the specific features of ISA’s refrigerated display counters, please refer to the online ISA catalogue.

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Refrigerated Display Counters


The Doblò is a ventilated refrigeration ice...

MN Millennium

The MN Millennium model represents the evolution...

Self Expo

ISA introduces the Self Expo, a modern and...


With its modern and lively design, the Tamburo...


The Yomix is a multi-purpose counter with...