Entirely constructed in whole refractory bricks

The classic oven is the consolidated standard for professional pizza baking. Suitable for any type of restaurant, from a pizzeria to a classic restaurant, this product can satisfy any type of production demands. All of our ovens are designed for wood burning, and through the insertion of a burner, they can also function with gas or in combined gas/wood mode.

The wide range of available dimensions and shapes also make our ovens extremely easy to install into any type of pre-existing environment and the perfect starting point for designing a new space.

Choose the most suitable oven for you from our proposed models, or create your own personalized solution. Handcrafted production

Our ovens are constructed entirely by hand, thanks to the wide range of available coverings, as well as shapes and designs that offer the opportunity for high personalization, you can create an authentic décor piece. Carefully selected materials provide not only unbeatable heat retention and resistance, but also give every oven a one of a kind look. Since they are entirely handcrafted, our products are truly unique pieces that can add to the exclusive design of your space.

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Professional Ovens


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