Our history began more than two decades ago in Seattle with the birth ofDaVinci Gourmet, presenting premium syrups and sauces created solely for signature coffee drinks and specialty coffee venues. As this category evolved over time, so did our approach in meeting the wide-ranging needs of our many unique customers. We expanded our portfolio to include Jet™ Smoothies ,Oregon Chai® Teas and our newest addition, Caffe D’Amore®, to help you remain connected with emerging beverage trends.
Kerry continues to be a global manufacturer and supplier of premium flavors, ingredients and systems for your foodservice needs. With expertise in every aspect of new product development, production and commercialization, we’re here to help you deliver great-tasting, relevant and profitable solutions.
Hot or cold, sweet or sour, smooth or fizzy, indulgent or nutritious, fresh or bottled – we can help you make drinks that are distinctive and delicious every time, as well as easy to prepare and economical for your business. Whether you’re looking for a full menu makeover or simple suggestions and on-trend additions, look to Kerry as a beverage partner.

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Artic Lemonade Frozen Mix

The ultimate balance of sweet and tart creates...

Blended Ice Coffee Mix

Jet Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes bring you...

Dairy Blended Beverage Base

Jet Blended Beverage Base is a dairy base that...

Non Fat Yogurt Smootie

Jet non-fat yogurt smoothie mixes combine the big...

Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes

Jet Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes bring you exciting,...